Sunday, December 21, 2008

camp yaw :D berita harian.

camp camp camp ;D
3 days, 2 nytes.
so fun wooo!!
location is at benum resort, raub pahang.
motivation,games,ice breaking,artist time. mcm2 laaa
best kott ;D
but hmm explorace xrak ckp tyme, 40 mins only ;(
pttnye ade flying fox and canoe but cancle cuz ade bdk kecik yg still standard.
heh canoe plak, tasik tuh bru bwat.
faci? yeah ;D
faci best best siot sume. sporting nk mampus.
waheeeeda ade ;D
dye ad wat 1 competition , singging contest. HAHA
dye suruh 1 bdak nieyh cipta lagu. dlm mse 15 mins.
and dyorang dpt cipta. the song is dingin malam something. Hooooo
suare sdap gle doh! nme dye OAG, real name tataw, composer dye, ape nta nme heh
dye menang. ;D
waheeda plak ade ckp kt gwa
" suare best! bole jd dj . comel!"
tyme amek gmba
" i will remember ur voice, i like it :) "
bangge syal ;D
time nan dr fazley lak.
xley bla.
mse amek gmba , team ak amek nan dye,
sume tggi. time slm dye. dye tnye
"fom brpe?"
jwb cm biase jeh la an fom 1.
then dye syum ohh ok.
nta2 dlm haty
HAHA pendek :P
hoho ,
zainal abidin lak. bwk ank dye aezack
dye tnye la
spe tkt ular tlg naik pentas
aku pun naik, then dye kte
"klau sy bwk ular, korang ok?"
aku ckp la
AHA xmgkin laaaa.
aezack naik pentas. ular sawa(anak) tgh lilit kt tangan!
sumpah takt
tros lari terjon dr pentas. tggi lak tuh ! wat malu!
but aezack tuh comell gle!
kecik je
putih lak tuh.
then time mlm trakhir,
nangis la an. haha ade sesi psl ibu bapa,
ade yg ngis ad x
aku nta cmne lak leyy emo
sgt smpai nangis gle2
wuuuuuhuuuuuuuuuu. mne xnye, dye pg psg org bce yassin.
alfatihah sume, haishhh
and lg troknye,
ade akk tuh kte, camera byk kt aku
ade lg doh bdk2 yg nngis dsyat dr aku.
ad lak abg tuh
lme gle letk video dpn aku
gleeeeeee maluuuuuuuuuu
asyik ade jeh
pttnye kene ttp mate but aku g bukak mte sbb xjumpe mne tisu
mmg lawak ahh asyik kne flash and video,
xtahan aku pkai hoody
and ade 5 org akk faci, dtg usap2 blakang, maluuuuuuuuuuuuuu.
yg lain pun ad gak so xde la mlu sgt ann
dh bole bukak mate, aina sblah aku,. HAHAH
kitorang glak2 bodo lakkk aii!
bru feeling tros gelak
then mlm packing. besok uuuhh persembahan group
harus ad motif about berita harian. and group aku HAVOC!
dpt 2nd :D
ats idea aina, thankyou aina,
and nenek sbb lakon and sepak pragot real lak tuh
and afiq peragot beg surat khabr ku ksian doh kne sepak,
and police, abg cik. and pnjual surt khabar si balqis sebik kau nye suare kuat(xckup voice, thats y)
xlupe juge voice phentonim kami,
nme group? HAVOC!! ats idea ku ;D
and ats support abg syam, faci kami. dptlah kami 2nd place ;D
even xdpt 1st ke ppe laaaaa
janji BEST!
for more information,
sile la tnye sndri bcz im not information kaunter. =D

Thursday, December 11, 2008

grr! mid or pavi :D

sebaik hang out nieyh best! klau x dh lme aku cekik2 kau acab.
well lets get start , acab,mar,me,saida and naqi planeed to hangout at KL.
bdh nk mmpus si naqi bgun lmbt. so tggl aah aku mar acab saida berempat kat mid. naqi dtg time kat pavi. we planned to go to the mid. mak mar follow. ;D
my cousins pun. but all of them seprate with us. we went there but just for about 3 hours lol! mkn2 kat chicken rice shop.
me and mar ordered kids meal!
wee! saida too but she cant have her meal bc she was 13+
act me and mar are also 13+ but we are too small and we look like 12 years old girls i guess. lol
saida suddenly said she wanted to go to the pavilion. we debate about 5mins whre to go. agk mcm bangang lol.

saida : jom pegi pavi! -jokes-
: ade pe kat sne?
me : shopping mall la bngok! -tking serious-[bdh gle]
: but aku jauh dr mak aku =|
me : AA! so how?!
: nk g ke x nieyh
saida : [speechless]
: SUNWAYYY!! jum!
: ade pe kat sne?
: mcm boring je. bek g pavi.
: ko nk wat pe kat sne.
me : ice-skatiing!;D
: lgpun agk ssh nk g sne dri mid.
: ice-skatting!? :O xnk xnk! xreti!
: xnk! ice-skatting aku xnk!!
: +_+ jum la! aku hold korang. aku ajr ;D
: xnk yana, xnk!
: yeah! xnk!!
: ... ACAB! jum laa! pls pls!
: ice-skatiing? haha xdpt dee.
me : so HOW!?
: ntah!
mar : aku kne tnye mk aku lu.
: call la now.

mar called her mom and her mom allowed her.

: dpt! ;D
: XD yay!!
saida &
acab : nk g mne?
: pavi je la?
: ok .
acab : hmm
: serious?
: yep. jum!

then we all go to the pavilion. mcmsyal je . nek monorel ngn mar and all my cousins bc acab and saida waiting for naqie at the station kl central. after all of us [ me , mar and cousins.] waiting besides the sungei wang mall. 20 mins after, saida acab and naqie arrived. then my cousins stay at the sungei wang and we went outside the sungei wang and looking for the taxi. bc all of us xtaw jln. saida plak igt2 lupe. sah mkn semut!
after that mar said, "naik teksi je ahh! bia aku blanja" then we looked for a taxi and we found 1 ;D
waja plak tuh

hehe slese !

then the taxi bring us to pavi. after reached pavi, xsgke plak kitorang seprate. saida mule2 g ngn aku n mar then dye jln sensorang. HAHA acab and naqiee seeking for new slipper for acab. but he ddn't found them.
after that sume lapar. g mkn kat KFC, ttbe acab call sum1 and dye run jap then bama dtg nan dye. hmm bama.13.oldfriends of mine and acab and naqie.
me and mar when to miss T. and we bought a n
ew wallet. same type ;D puduli aah korang nk pggil ape pun jnnji wallet tuh CUN XD
then snap snap pix jap kat toilet.
after that, acab called mar and told her to wait him at the entrance bc we gotta go. its already 5.30
he need to go to the shah alam and our parents might be mad if we go bck at night.
then, we went to the sungei wang back. saida said just walk no need to look for a taxi bc it was jam.
then, we found sungei wang. IT WAS DAMN CLOSE with pavi and all of us was like. wtf!
the taxi lied to us. he do it on purpose. he took the long distance so we could pay him more. HAHA wat bitch! -.-"
after reach the kl central we all waiting for the train , 24 mins. and we found our senior. fom3 lol. he followed us bc he was alone. idfk his name :P
but acab didnt fllow us, he took LRT bc he need to go to shah alam.
his train came earlier then us, he started to Q but then he run and sitted back beside mar, he told mar he wanted too accompanied mar and mke sure she was safe beccuz mar's mom told him and said " acab jage mardiana taw. hehe"
lol aww how sweet ;D
then the train of us cme, its full as fck -.-
we gotta wait another 20 mins.
and it was damn full too!
shit! kene rebut nieyh!
naqie pegi dulu, then saida then bama.
dyorang depan so tayah rebut sgt. but when my turn, i need to hold bama's top lol.
mar hold his too.
poor mar,
tersepit ngn dua org gemok. her face was like she cannt breathe -.-" i should record that. it was very funnyy XD
weehee !
and then finally, the ppls was out, and we got space to sit ;D
then we all talk2 then planned to go to arep's house.
mar,saida,me,bama and naqie. cut the stories, mke it shortest,
mar and saida came to my house before going to arep's house but then mar's mom called her and said she is almost reached my house to pick her up
sad sad sad and byebye mar mwah! lol ;P
just me and saida then , we went to arep's house and talk2 ;D
fun fun =D
thats all i guess.
i dont really remember the DEBATE 1, igt2 lupe babe. hehe
byebye mwah mwah friends, imy !- i miss u- not with that bitch eww plz YUCK!pshh!


the other photos will be upload later ;D

Monday, December 8, 2008

mjlis Khatam and nadia's b-day

yaw! sedih doh dh plan nk kne khatam but then kau paham2 je la ehh :(
mar and daya ade weehee! ssyok syok syok! mann!
after bce2 quran -cousins- ,
mlm tuh b-day nadiah, daya dh blik :/
then mlm tuh while waiting for mar's parents to pick her up XD
kitorang rmai2 ride bycycle ngn cousins aku. :D
dudin,farhan,faiz,hadi. bestt! bling2 bola smbl nek basikal,
but yg taleh bla mar n aq kne kjar ooleh makhluk2 nme yg dsbot tuh. =|
mar lawak gle! dye gelak2 HAHA xleh bla ohh!!
main2 smpai kol 10.30 parents mar dtg =| aiyaa!!
boring ohh ;(
but then sume mlepak tido HAHA syok syok tdo feeling gle
dh aahh sumpah tade mood nk tles pnjg ;D
byebye mwahh*

family outing.

yaw! this year KAZ bwat family outing at Ulu Bendul whoot whoot! :0
we supposed to come there at but all of us came a bit late, mak teh and pak busu arrived 1st i guess, our family, mak cik's , mak ngah's family came at 11.30 ;P
whoaa it was so damn great XD
at 1st i thought the water is so warm but then, DAMN! its cold as fck XD but who cares, as long as it was veryy fun weehee!!
i wear my c-union tee, and my blck and white short ;) i planed to wear the other tee but it was missing ;( damn damn damn! grr.
sadly honey cant come :( she got her interview to apply sales girl at tized-jusco whooo! XD
i joined fariddudin,farhan,hadi and faiz. i was the only girl there-.-" duh! where's all the girls!
BM jum ;D kitorang blah jauh jauh jauh! men jauh2

my fave lil cous hareez ade ;) sumpah he looks smexcii whoot whoot! XD
kitrang pegi kt bhgian deras glegle! XD yay! best best. im the very lucky 1 becuz of my body is small and ble air yg gle deras tuh tolak, POP! jatuh smbil dbwa arus weehee x]
but not to lucky i guess -.-" i hurt my back ugh! my leg! ugh!!
after that, we went back to our family and get our meal. chickens BBQ and hotdogs BBQ. yummy yumm yumm yummy whoot whoot! :D
before blik hujan -.-"
but slamat ;D tyme tuh sume dh penat2 so tidur pegh! xigt dunia HAHA..
blik, online then mandi then siap kan ksut, bju, 1/2 shorts. :D
futsal babe D: kaki plak luke ugh!
time lwn ad group my team got yellow ;D
and the other looser team got blue whoot whoot!
we called them celcome and they call us DIGI. yeah digi sucks but digi is cute ;D bersamamu!! bersamamu lah juaaa x]
my team yg power2 xrmai but as long as kami mncube pegh! menang ;D
dudin and faiz and abg shahrin and abg firdaus and abg kamal kak ana, nabila. hebat doh! X
then yg goal pling byk faiz :D perebut hebat duden. kak ana ntah ape yg dijampi ntah dye goal kn gle senang XD
HAHA nabila lwk doh! main xigt dunia XD
hareez as ussual menyemak tengah2 HAHA ntah ape dye dpt pun tataw ;)
goal goal penat! blik rmh mk teh mkn maggie weehee XD
besh besh yummy!
HAHA then tdor lme nk mmpus, blik rmh lg lak xreti nk tdor, pntang nmpk comp apelgi, onla :D
bsok bgun xigt tah ape gwa bwat :D
so.. byebye for now babes ;D

family day for 2008 : march09

Thursday, December 4, 2008


ice-skatting dh boring -.-
but, if pegi ngn member yg pndai maybe best kott ;D bole lumbe2 HAHA ,
asl eh xde ice skatting yg mcm bukit ;D msti best WOSHHH
n btw, i dont wear shorts o.e its a skirt ;D
but ttp eh ;D
mama and ayah date ,
hani shoppng alone -.-
me and the rest went for ice-skatting :]
well i use to have ice-skatting clas, but snce dyorang robohkan ice skatting kt the mines, wat to do ? stop je la ;D
HAHA for the 1st time kaki xpnah lecet. but nadia nye, pegh! 10 plaster mlekat kat kaki,
farid , 4 je kott.
yg tale bla ble jth :p kali nieyh jth twice
but dsyt -.-" jth dpn org rmai pupppppppp melucur ngn bdn. whoot! bsh :(
after that, pegi kt tgkt F. pegi dance whoot whoot, para para 2nd mix ;D heeee!
hobby , nk wat cmne ;D
then before blk rmh pegi dinner kat kajang. time tuh around kul 12.34 kot.
hee fave restaurant :D bestt gle food situ.
then blik bom! bring2 roll on bed. then online till 6 am then tdo then bgun kul hee D:
kne mrh ngn mama -.-"